Monday, March 29, 2010

2 months in

Wow so life has been crazy since I posted 2 weeks ago. Every chance I get (which isn’t much time) I’ve been reading blogs from other D moms. See that is what we are called "D Moms" the moms of children with Diabetes. (by the way my 4 year old calls it diabebes. It is so cute). Well these moms have given me so much inspiration and have truly let me know I’m not alone. I just have to say thank you and give them a huge shout out. I have been sending their blogs out to people because there is no way I could put into words what I’m thinking right now and their words are so true!

I can’t explain how horrific these last few weeks have been, adjusting to Joshua's diabetes, Jackson having pneumonia (the day we came home from the hospital he was rushed to the dr and then to chest x rays) and then Joshua came down with a breathing issues and having to go on oral steroids which led to out of control Blood Sugars. Then came Jackson having to have allergy testing to try and help both boys with breathing. No allergies for Jackson~ Joshua is to young to test. More chest x-rays on Jackson found he has not healed from his pneumonia, and so they have sent blood work in for more tests. They say that a portion of his lung is still deflated/collapsed and they hope in another month it will be better. In the mean time he is on a daily inhaler and then we have an emergency one too. UGHHHH

So Joshua's numbers have been crazy which I know we are only in month 2 of the dx so of course they aren’t going to be normal but really 42 and a 572 in the same day! Give me a break. Our numbers are supposed to be between 100-200. I didn’t give juice to Jackson until he was almost 2 and even now at 4 it is almost always cut in 1/2. Not that I have any issue with juice but really I’d rather my kids get their fruit by eating it not drinking it. Well Joshua has had so many lows that he probably has had more juice in 2 months then Jackson had all year long. 2 months... WOW how long it has seemed... One of the D moms wrote a great blog about how she couldn't remember life before Diabetes. (I’ll try to find and give credit when I can) I am quickly thinking that those memories are far behind us... I really thought by now we would be getting into the swing of things... instead we have been living in crisis mode the entire time.  I am hoping things calm down around me so we can focus on just the D. 

Diabetes changes everything, even down to how I parent. With Jackson I decide we were done using the bottle and in one weekend we made the switch. I knew if he missed a drink he wasn’t going to "die" this was the saying I used to say. Now with Joshua, his numbers are so unpredictable that if I give him a cup and he refuses, I can’t wait him out for fear that his numbers will go down. At dinner with Jackson I used to give him dinner and if he refused the meal I would say well... he will eat it at the next meal. Not with Joshua... and man he knows it... he will spit it out and then just scream... let me say I think he might be well spoiled at the moment. So D-moms tell me how have you fixed this... I am not able to be nor would I like to be a short order cook. Joshua is only 13 months old, I can’t reason with him, nor can I let him not eat... how do I make sure he is eating healthy and what the family is eating without letting him be a yogurt and applesauce only eater.


  1. In our house, you get what mom makes or else you get oatmeal. Period. It doesn't matter which meal it is. I always offer dinner and they can choose to eat it or eat oatmeal. It's what works for us...and my girls LOVE all veggies and fruits :)

    You're doing a great job! Hang in there and stay strong!

  2. Wow... you have been though it. I am so sorry that life has been so rough on you guys. You have enough to deal with with the diabetes, let alone everything else.

    I know how tough it is to try and feed a 13 month old who just refuses to eat. You can reason with them, you can't explain. They don't get it. I just stuck to Elise's favourites during those early months. Elise also didn't have any teeth until 16 months, so she couldn't eat what we did. I also made all her baby food from scratch and froze a bunch of it (writing down the exact carb amount in the freezer bag), so that made life so much easier.

    I have a bunch of tips, but this comment is already getting too long. You have my email address, right? If not, your sister does. I don't think I have yours.

  3. I had to DE-THRONE all my diabetics at age 4. They were the kings, it is really hard not to spoil them, or give into them when their well being was on the line. It is a fine line for sure.

    I'm big on choices. You can have this or this. Which one? If they say something else, NO. You get this one or this one...which one do you choose? It usually works for me, they feel like they have a little power becuase they are choosing what thy eat, but at the same time I have the control between the two choices.

    That being said. He is still really little, and thingsa are NEVER easy with toddlers. Trial and error is the best you can do.

    If you really want to get rid of the bottle, get rid of them or hide them maybe. Take him to the cupboard where you usually keep them and show him, they are all gone. So instead you can have this...or this.

    (I know its never as easy as I type it out to be. :) Good luck, you can do this!)

  4. It always seems like it rains...and then pours! Hope your boys get feeling better soon.

    The eating thing is hard. I remember giving Emma a shot and then panicking when she refused to eat anything! Sometimes I would just wait five minutes and then try again. We also went through a phase where she only wanted to eat cheese because she knew she wouldn't get a shot for that. I can't imagine doing it with a 13 month old! Hang in there!

    There are a lot of times that things happen in a way that aren't my ideal because of the diabetes - and it just has to be done. I just keep telling myself that I'm dealing with the diabetes now and I'll have to work out the other stuff later!

  5. I love you so much & I am so glad that these blogs can be both an outlet and a learning tool. I don't know how to get a toddler to eat but I do know that you are an amazing mama and will find your way through it all. With Family, Friends, and Faith you can do anything.

  6. When Alivia was 1st dx she was on NPH and HAD to comsume 45carbs for lunch, she'd always been a great eater so the thought of this becoming a problem never crossed our minds! Well the second we told her she HAD to eat everything on her plate she refused! And the ONLY thing we could get in her was Dr.Pepper (I know not the best choice but with her blood sugar dropping we were willing to give her anything), and after the 1st time of getting pop for lunch she refused to eat lunch all week (as any 2 1/2 year old would do!). In the end we stopped using NPH and just used the insulin to carb ratio after she ate.If she ate it all...great, a few bites... no big deal or nothing at all...I'll save your plate for later!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. I'm so sorry things have been so rough for you. My heart breaks for you. Nate was just 14-months at dx so I know just what you are going through.

    In the beginning we were desperate and would give him anything because of the NPH. Then we started using the insulin carb ratio and that helped when he didn't really want to eat. Seriously Nate lived on yogurt and apple sauce for months. He survived. Now that he is older I give him options. You can have this or that - what is your choice?? He gets to pick and everyone wins.

    Before dx I was more firm with my girls like Wendy. You don't want this then you can have oatmeal and I hope to get there again. I'm just a softy for my sweet baby boy but I am sure I will have to 'de-throne' him like Meri said at some point.

    Wishing you all the best!!

  8. I know how hard it has been for all of you,but your little boys are so lucky to have you both as their parents. It has only been like 6 weeks but I agree it seems like another lifetime. Sorry I've been out of commission to help the last week or so. Just remember that you are doing a great job, Joshua is a happy well adjusted baby and will continue to be so because of who you are and what you do for him. I love you my baby girl.

  9. Edit note.. I had no idea it really hasnt been 2 months! HOLLY COW!! It has only been 6 weeks!! OH MY!