Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meal time drama

I know Ive been mia lately and for that Im sorry Ive tried to keep up with reading but that hasnt gone to well.  I have lots of post to do in my head, Joshua turning 2, Jackson turning 5, and amazing gift we received, our A1C score, whats in my bag and a great article I read about a Diabetes driver for the indy 500.  They will be coming in the days ahead I promise.  I have loved reading everyones blog and it has been so helpful. THANK YOU.  But today I come to you with a very frustrating situation.

Since turning 2 Joshua has developed well lets say... some independence.  He has never been the best eater. We struggled to get him to eat baby food, and then to move to table food. But this last year its been better.  Not great but not bad either.  Now all of a sudden he wont eat.  I mean flat out refusing.  Ive tried the 2 choices Ive tried to play silly games to get him to eat but REALLY!! come on... He will like something today and tomorrow refuse it the worst meal for us is breakfast. By far everyday this is a struggle. He wont eat oatmeal, cereal, toast, eggs, pancakes, or waffles anymore.  With Jackson if this was the case we would end meal and he would eat when hungry at the next meal not an option here. So instead I have Jackson eating great at the table and then Joshua screaming no, done now... I never wanted to be a short order cook at my house and now not only am I offering option after option, but now we are playing ridiculous games tyring to get him to eat.

I know there is not really an answer to this I just had to vent my frustration with this processes and the fact that I have to get my 2 year old to eat when his BG says not when his tummy says. 


  1. I am so sorry Shannon. I was very lucky in that Elise was always a great eater, so I don't really have any tips for you. Mattias has been awful to feed, mealtimes are sooooo stressful with him. I can't imagine what it would be like if D was added to the mix.

    Have you tried some sort of award system? Like a sticker chart? We did one for Elise when were having shot difficulties. Her reward was a bike (yeah, kind of a big prize, but we were going to get her one anyway), and I cut out a picture of the bike she wanted and glued it to the chart as a visual remider of what she was working towards. Even at 2 she was able to grasp the concept.

    Good luck and I can't wait to read all your updates... I've missed you!

  2. Oh Shannon, I'm sorry meal times are not going well for your little guy. I can only imagine the stress of that with d added in the mix. Breakfast is such a tough meal too (at least for us) with the post breakfast spike. What about toast with peanut butter or cinammon toast?? I like Joanne's idea of the reward system...maybe a hot wheels or Thomas train or whatever works for him.

  3. We are STILL dealing with this. Working on helping h figure out what she's going to eat- then eat it! It's stressful and it makes me hate mealtimes. I wish I had good advice. But I don't. :(

  4. too...Joe has usually been a pretty good eater. Have you tried PB and J Sandwiches for breakfast or hard-boiled eggs (you can call them "easter eggies" niece is into those. What about a banana and PB or apple and PB?

    Good luck...Love ya and your sweet family. Thanks for the uber-awesome comment on my blog today. It made my day!

  5. (hugs)I am imagine how frustrating this is for you...not to mention important! I hope some of these tips work

  6. We have a hard time getting our 2 year old to eat too (but he isn't our T1)

    Can you bolus him AFTER he eats so that you can do like you did with your oldest (if he doesn't eat has to wait till next snack/meal) I know this may cause more of a spike but maybe it will ease the struggles and he will come around on his own??

    2 year olds are tough, one with D has got to be tougher! Best of luck!!

  7. I am going through the same thing. My 4 year old has done this since he was diagnosed at a 18 months. One day he loves something, and the next he won't touch it. I feel so bad for him, like you said, because I can't just say well if you aren't going to eat, then that's it. All, I know is that I was a picky eater until I turned about 6/7 years old. I'm keeping my faith that he will be the same way. I wish you the best!

  8. Will he eat yogurt or smoothies? When they were younger, my kids were picky eaters too. I swear they subsisted on yogurt and yogurt alone at times.

    When my daughter was 2, she went through a Pediasure phase. She wanted to drink that instead of eat.

    Sometimes, I would trick my kids into eating by letting them eat with their hands foods that wouldn't normally be eaten with your hands. For example, soup with lots of beans and small pieces of pasta. I'd let them pick out the beans and pasta with their fingers instead of a spoon.

    Good luck! I know how frustrating this is!

  9. I wish I had good advice..maybe let him help you make breakfast? So he feels part of it? I also do muffins which are small and fun?

    Good luck! Look forward to your other posts this week.

  10. i totally understand. reubs is 18mos old so we are going through food issues - with teeth coming in , its texture we are considering, not just carb content and his flavour preferences.

  11. Justin was a PICKY eater and we also ended dinner because I was not going to be a short order cook. THEN he was dx'd... but Justin was 7 and I could make him understand what would happen if he did not eat. So in the end... I did become a short order cook for a little while. UNTILL we got the pump... now we are back to the origional rule :) I do offer a PB&J option though... always have.

    Have you tried a pb&j or a grilled cheese?? Who says you MUST eat breakfast foods in the mornings. OR toast with peanut butter??

    We also do eggo's... with whip cream on them instead of syrup. The whipcream is free. The eggos have not seemed to mess with his bg at all and they have a variety.

    I feel for you... I can not imagine justin having D when he was that age and picky and just plain stubborn as he was. It will get better though... I promise <3

  12. I don't have any idea about carb content, but Joey likes eggos and eggo brand french toaster sticks. And sometimes just toast with a tiny bit of butter (he is still allergic to milk products so just a smidge).