Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know I have been grumpy with some of my posting lately so I am taking a break from that today to update you on some fantastic news.  I mentioned in the end of July that my friend Amanda McGhee with Kimberlin Gray Photography was going to do a fundraiser for our family to help off set some the large medical bills and the health insurance issues we were having. Well she had 13 families participate in her mini session day and she donated over $1200 to my family!  I CANT BELIEVE this happened! I was in awe of everyones sweet kindness and support!  A few of the familys we know but the majority of them are people we have never met! Cobra payments are about $2000 alone then of course we have copays, past medical bills and all the other things you all have to.  But this was a HUGE HELP!  I wanted to share with you some of the photos she took of our family that day.   
** I have permission to post these please dont think I stole the pics from her website**
Team Davis this is the best family shot I think we have ever had
Jackson 4 years and Joshua 18 months
Sending you a big kiss and lots of Love!!


  1. Awesome pictures!! And what an amazing thing for her to do for your family :)

  2. That's incredible! So happy for you! :)

  3. these pictures are beautiful!! Love them :-)

  4. The pictures are gorgeous. I'm glad the fundraiser was a success.

  5. I know how much great photos mean to you! I'm glad they turned out so nice!