Friday, February 11, 2011

Im still here

My dad is recovering at home and is adjusting to his new normal...  We have had croup here so he only went on 1 of the scheduled play-dates a follow up post to come. I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments and warm thoughts.
Also,  If you haven't ventured over to my husbands blog check it out!  He is a wonderful writer and he has posted the poem he wrote after we came home with Joshua.  Sunday will be our 1 year mark and I will post more later about all that. I just wanted to give him a quick post about his touching poem.  I hope you love it as much as I do.


  1. Been thinking of you! Glad to hear he is recouping...bummer on the crouping. And...1 year is an emotional time. Feel my hugs.

  2. Happy things are getting back on track for your dad!

    Croup is THE WORST. So scary! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Weekend!

  3. I just started following your blog after searching for other moms who have little ones with type 1. My son Gavin, 4 was diagnosed at a year and a half. I'm glad to find another mom going through the same thing. Sorry about the croup&hope your son feels better soon!

  4. I was thinking about you guys today... and figured I would come see if you were doing ok! :) Glad to hear that your dad is home!


  5. Shannon, we are still here too . . . praying for your family and lots of resting for everyone!

    I noticed your new hairdo on your comment photo. VERY nice!!!