Friday, July 16, 2010

I took a leap

So I did it! I took the leap and left Joshua yesterday for almost 3 hours. I had a funeral to go to for my previous boss and mentor, Brian had to work and we need him not to take off... so what was I going to do??? Well, Mom to the rescue. The service was at 3 and it was only 20 mins away. She and my dad came over at 1 to get a crash course. Jackson the 4 year old was full of info and trying to be helpful but was really just interrupting the entire time. He was trying to teach nana too though you see... anyway got him to bed and then had about a 30 min crash course. She got it though and we ended lunch with her giving the shot. So I put Joshua down for his nap at 2:30 and left the house. She was going to text me with the wake up numbers if needed but since we were doing bed late she wasn’t going to need to feed him. Anyway everything went well! I was able to have a meaningful goodbye and Joshua took a 3 hour nap. What is more important is Mom got a trial run, I had to relax and let her do it and everyone lived to tell about! I think we were both stressed out at first but everything went well and I am so very thankful she was here to do this. I will tell you I was pretty devastated and mad at D when I thought I might not be able to go simply because of Diabetes.

So there D I didn’t let you rule today!

THANKS again MOM and DAD! I love you both!!


 So we have had a lot going on at our house. My husband is a Speech Therapist and his company lost some contracts which meant cut backs. This meant that his job was terminated. UGH!! So he has found a new job starting Aug 12 with benefits beginning on Oct. 1st. Cobra is our only option as we have 2 Type 1's in the family Brian and Joshua of course. We looked at splitting us up and price wise it wasn’t effective. Any way, the govt had a subsidy set up for anyone who was terminated prior to May 31st and they would pay 65% of the cost.... of course his job ended June 25th. So we are footing a $2000 bill for Cobra and Brian is working 3 part time jobs till 8/12. All of this plus the normal cost of living with D, the hospital bills and of course medical expenses for my very active, accident prone 4 year old have left us quite short on cash this summer. In steps some amazing people. The social worker at our endo office has been working closely with me to help us find resources we qualify for. Did you know that if you are working to pay your bills and not get behind you qualify for a lot less resources??? I laughingly told Brian we should have just let him have the summer off and he could relax and have fun! Okay so really... Lilly has a program Lily cares for anyone 3 years and older! (not us) they also have a program to give out 5 Humolog pens (we have to use diluted). The Lilly rep for my doctor said they could give us a vial of insulin but the pharmacy (the only one in our area who dilutes) said they cant accept it as they cant guarantee the reliability of it... I get it, I do but really... come on people work with me. So then my Endo office graciously offered to help with one of our bills this month. So they paid our power bill! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! I was floored. Then a really good friend of mine let it slip to some other good friends and then magic started happening. My friend and owner of Kimberlin Gray photography set up a FUNDRAISER for OUR family. She is doing an entire day of photos and donating 100% of the profit to us to help with outstanding medical bills! I WAS FLOORED and amazed! On top of this friends have been dropping off diapers, wipes and other resources at our house. Then today we received 2 very generous donations without signing up for pictures. I cant tell you how amazing this has been in the last few days. Over the course of the last 2 weeks I have been very depressed and unsure of how we were going to do this without loosing our footing. I am so very thankful to everyone for their prayers, thoughts and gifts... both monetary and of their time. I am a very lucky person and my family is very thankful for all the friends and family in our life!