Sunday, April 3, 2011

What do yall drink at your house??

THanks so much for the great advice the last few days.  I thought Id pick your brain one more time. For those of you keeping track, Ive managed to write several days in a row. Im pretty proud of my self. Ive been catching up on blogs too and leaving comments! THANKS so much for everything you all are writing about it is so helpful and really pulling me out of my funk! THANKS!!
Okay so not to the question... do let your kids have crystal light and other water flavors?  At our house we try to limit juice to 1 a day. We do white milk, and water most of the time.  I use crystal light for me but I have tried to stay away from it for the kids simply because of the nurtasweet and splenda in these things. Im looking for options for the boys.  They will drink water fine, but I wanted to give them some options.  There are websites all over the place saying kids shouldn't have the chemicals in the water flavor drinks but Im trying to avoid the constant shots from extra milk and the extra calories and sugar spikes of juice all the time.  What are your go to drinks? Remember my kidos are 2 and 5 so we dont do the soda option for them at all.
So tell me whats your opinion?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To carb or not to carb... that is the question

Okay so we all have our goal for overnight and while they all vary I am sure we all face this same issue.  When do you add carbs and when do you just wait it out?  Here is what is going on with us. Joshua is supposed to be between 150-350 over night. Yes that is a huge gap but remember he is just now 2.  We strive for between 150-300.  Anything over and we are to give insulin. Anything under and we are to give carbs.  Sounds simple right??
Here is what has been happening lately. We check at midnight and at 3am.  He will be in the 170-180's. It sounds like a great number and for some of you it would be.  But to us it means far less sleep then a high or low. it is just unknown. Joshua is like a gas tank. When he is between full and 1/2 it takes a while to go down but when you get to 1/2 he can go empty fast.
So that 170 could be going up... or it could be going down. If it is going up then okay great. If it is going down... well we all know how fast that could happen... and what if, I miss the 3 am check.  So I am left hanging out for another hour to see what happens. now it is 1 am and his number has moved only a little in either direction. Still no idea and so then we wait some more... now it is almost 3 am.  What if he is 160? do you go ahead and put carbs on board, just incase?? We did once and boy did we regret it we woke up to a 468 bg.  We didn't add carbs one night and he woke up to a 62 at 3am.  What if I had overslept? what ifs are causing me to loose a lot of sleep.
What do you do?? What is your magic number and do you have a curve on that?