Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roxy the Reindeer

Isnt she cute!! Wait till you read how powerful she is!
As some of you know my family didn’t participate in the walk this year on 10/23 instead we traveled to PA for my sister’s wedding.. (more to come in a different post).  This was a little bitter sweet for us as I really wanted to go to the 1st walk for us but REALLY it was my baby sister’s wedding and BOY was it AWESOME!  Anyway, Brian and I have been trying to figure out what we would do as a family to fundraise. As we watched everyone’s walk videos and cried at each of them we begin to think.  There has to be something.  THEN in August my friend Anna Crowder came home from her companies convention.  I’m not sure if you all have heard of Willow House but they are formally Southern Living at Home.  Well anyway, her company has created this adorable iconic reindeer named Roxy.  Roxy shows up on most of their new holiday line. I love her spunky personality.  EVEN BETTER!!! They have created an ornament of Roxy and $2.00 of each one sold will go directly to the JDRF!! How exciting.... She has worked out a price break for local delivery of $15.10 inclusive of Tax and shipping.  For deliveries that need to be shipped we can work out something as well.  My goal is to sell 100 of them so my family will have raised $200.  I’m very excited and hope you would consider ordering one for your tree and giving one away as a gift to a loved one. 

I dont have a video yet to make you cry but I promise next year I will. Here are just two images to help you know that the JDRF needs your support to help find a cure! 

World Diabetes Day shirts

HI! I just read about the world diabetes day shirts on We Care Alot and was wondering if anyone was placing an order witht their local screen printer.  I am not sure where to start on getting shirts printed but would love to get some of these :)
THANKS in adavance!!