Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Lucy,... I'm Home"

I cant believe it has been so long since Ive been on.  I have missed you all so much... This summer was a blur being a "single parent" Monday through Friday, getting ready for the move, Joshua had surgery and renting out our home finding a new home, trying to get walk stuff figured out.  I will be honest I was so far behind I stopped trying to get caught up.  But I managed to keep Joshua alive and stay married to my husband during all the transitions so I call that a win.  To celebrate my return to the real world I have a give away.  I actually have 2 coming up one this week and one next week. 

This weeks is sponsored by The lovely Tonya at Tips4Type1.  She has donated a set of amazing nail polish that she has CREATED!  Check out her website I found it amazing and inspirational!  The blue and sliver is just beautiful! 

I know you will love it too!! After a much needed summer of neglect I carried my self down to this great nail salon in my home town 2 weeks ago and got an amazing pedicure.  The wonderful ladies there decorated my big toes for me which I NEVER do but love so I might be addicted now. 

Funny thing is I thought I had cute feet till I took so many pics of them to get these shots.  now I think I must have the ugliest feet around!! :) anyway don't judge the pedicure.. it is now 2 weeks old and the shots I did take went down the drain when I dropped my blackberry in the sink. (no rice didn't help and yes I am looking for a replacement if you have one lying around).  Anyway lets get on with give away!

  1. One entry when you leave your name here and your favorite color nail polish (lets make it fun)
  2. One entry for "liking" Tips 4 type 1 on facebook. If you already do it will count just let me know.
  3. If you blog about this give away you can earn another entry.
So 3 chances to win. Entries need to be in by Sunday at 12am.  The winner will be announced Monday and you will have 24 hours to be contact me.  Due to shipping restrictions from the USPS you must have it shipped to a US address.  The nail polish will be shipped from Tonya directly :) I'm so excited!!

**Edit for clarification- YOU GET BOTH colors!!! I just wanted to know your favorite all the time color as something FUN!! YOU GET BOTH blue and silver because TONYA ROCKS!!