Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How do you do it?

Okay really I am for real asking this question.  How do you do it all??? I am at a loss... I know I have high expectations for myself but don’t we all?  I want to know how do you take care of 2 kids, (4 yr and 2yr)  do house work, cook be a good and loving wife and still function.  Heck throw diabetes in the mix and I got washed out.  I don’t get enough sleep and I know it but I am so behind on everything!! I work from home which is great for the flexibility but stinky for the accountability.  I am always grumpy, I yell way to much! I can’t even find time to do my blog which I love!  Forget couponing, friends and the gym I need time to shower!
For those of you in the Christmas card switch please know I am hoping to have them to you by New Years
Yes I do have moments here or there but to be honest I’m so exhausted all I can do is sit and stare...
So DOC help me!!  Do you have a schedule you try to stick to get it all done?? Do you do chores on certain days. What is your secret???