Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our big Annoucement

Well I guess by now it is official, I’ve told family, friends, doctors know and its even been posted on Facebook.  Time to make the last announcement.  Team Davis is relocating to Richmond, VA.  We are both excited and nervous. In denial and a crazy state of getting ready.  We currently live in Chesapeake VA. This is only about 2 hours away but it is one of the scariest things I’ve done. (okay so using the glucagon gun on Joshua's 1 year anniversary was the scariest but you know what I mean)  Last year rocked our family, financially and emotionally. On top of Brian's T1 supplies Joshua was dx with a 6 day hospital stay, then of his supplies, Brian lost his job, Jackson had several medical issues and the list goes on and on.  Brian found a job 3 months after losing it but it was a 50% pay cut from our regular salary. So this last year we haven’t ever caught up. Family and friends have been amazing pitching in and helping but we had to look for something more.  Brian is a Speech Therapist who has experience with Children and Adults so when this company came looking for him and fell in love with him they made an offer quickly. He is great at what he does.  While I am proud of him, I am scared of this new future.  The financial compensation will be helpful and with time we should be able to "breathe" again.
The issue is Chesapeake is the only "home" I’ve ever known.  All of my friends, family and support system is here. Yes we know people in Richmond and they have learned about Joshua from FB but really they don’t know Joshua like our people here do. On top of that it means an entire new team for his Diabetes and Patricians. I love our doctors here. They know us. They love us, they know him. When we walk in they know our names. They lived through the first few days with us. They lived through the first year. I know I am being silly.  Military people do this all the time. I have a dear friend who is relocating to Germany. I know it is only 2 hours away but it is still leaving everyone. 
The plan is that Brian will move to Richmond July 18 to start work there and then come home on the weekends until we rent our home out and then we find a place there. This also means Ill be solo m-f for all the overnight checks.  I know Laura does it all the time and man she is my hero! 
I am excited about the opportunity it will present us with however I am scared out of my mind.  Has anyone relocated with a Child with T1? what are your recommendations? If you were allowed would you travel 2 hours for your endo or find a new one???


  1. Congrats on the big move. We have moved a lot before t1 entered our lives and though nerve raking I loved the adventure and the new possibilities of it all.

    Good luck with the night time checks...that will not be fun but I know that you like Laura can do it!!

  2. I have been waiting and waiting for your big announcement... congrats! But I understand the scary-ness (is that a word???) of it too. Anything new is hard, especially if you're a creature of habit.

    We just moved 1.1 miles away from our old house, and even THAT was hard!

    That being said, it can be so exiting and who knows what wonderful adventures await you?

    Good luck with everything. As for your questions; if the endo was amazing enough, yeah I'd drive. No question. But, if you hear really good things about an endo near you, it might not hurt to give them a try.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Congratulations, Shannon!!! Really, moving is pretty exciting once you get past the stress and craziness of it ;). I know it will be difficult go leave everything and everybody you know, but the potential for individual growth is amazing. Moving away from my home town was the best thing I ever did. It helped my husband and I to establish our own cohesive unit and find people and places we could start fresh with and make our own traditions. We are 2.5 hours away and it us the perfect distance. You will come to love it, I am sure!!

    About the Endo, I agree with Joanne. Most things can be handled by a phone call so distance from the office won't matter. As for appointments, it will be an opportunity to 'make a day' of it and plan fun places or people to sneak in around the Dr.

    So happy this will ease the money situation as well. What a blessing. Keep us up to date on when you will officially be moving!

  4. Sounds like a huge blessing...sure, lots of things to push through, but God will be with you every step of the way and has already laid the path!
    Excited for you!!

  5. Wow! First, congrats on the new job! Speech therapists rock!!

    I know you feel very anxious about this! I would, too. Leaving your D team is tough!! But maybe the new place and the new team and all the other "new" will end up being just as wonderful as the old! That's what I'll be praying for you!!

  6. WoHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats to you and your family Shannon. This is a HUGE and exciting step.

  7. Okay...well I love this because I'm from Richmond and my parents still live there.

    Next summer we HAVE to actually meet!!!!