Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 years later

Well it is 12:07 am as I start this blog and I have been waiting for this day to end all day long.  Today marked the 2 year anniversary of Type 1 Diabetes for Joshua.  I've been calling it Hope Day as I have seen several of you do.  It seems fitting especially this year.

I was hoping for a cure, hoping to make it through with out breaking down a million times, hoping we had good numbers all day, hoping we didn't have to do an unexpected pod change, hoping I could rely on Dex today.  Hoping not to have a repeat of last years anniversary.

This year I think was so hard for me because Joshua has now lived with Diabetes longer then he has lived with out it. This was very sobering for me as we got closer and closer to this date.  I know many of you have children who this is the case for and I know he will be fine in the long run, but to think he is 2 short weeks away from being 3 and he has already had this disease for longer then he hasn't just breaks my heart.  To think he will not know life any different (until a Cure is FOUND), he will always know site changes, waking in the middle of the night, needles, highs and lows, attachments to his body, it breaks me down a little.  I know things could be so much worse and I know some say at least he was so young he doesn't miss life before... but I think this is just so much extra wear and tear on his body. This disease has so many things it effects and he will be affected by it for soooo long. All of this has been wearing on my heart as we approached HOPE day.

I am happy to announce we did great.  It was like most any other day in our house.  No big fan fair this year for hope day, (I was still recovering from last year,) and no big issues.  I was very happy.  I did do something brave today... Joshua is enrolled in a class called Romp and Roll. It is a little gym type class and we do music on Mondays well we got there in enough time for him to do the super hero class before our normal class, but this is a child only class.  So I let him go and I sat back in the waiting room close by with out any fuss. I was proud of myself.

upcoming posts: our move to Richmond, omni pod, dexcom, JDRF Walk-  I know I am WAYYYYY behind... but I hope to play catch up soon!


  1. We choose not to make an ordeal out of our D'Aversarry. Mostly because od timing and my non d's bday... or maybe thats just a good excuse. The day always seems to smack ya though doesnt it?

    Happy D'Aversarry to you... may you kick lots of D butt this year :)

  2. When Elise turned two, I had many of the samr thoughts... especially the ones about living with D longer than without.

    Can't wait to hear what's been going on in your life! Missed you!

  3. So glad to see you posting again. Love ya all.

  4. Had the same thought when Luke hit his 2 year anniversary in the fall - he'd lived longer with than without. Very tough when they're just toddlers. Curious to read about Omnipod! We just switched over from Animus. On the bright side - glad you're posting again!