Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I mean really...

Okay so we have the boys PCP doctors practice... there are like 10 docs in the group and we have gotten to know them all very well over the last few years.  Then of course we have our Endo practice they are awesome too.. But we end up in the PCP office at least 3 times a month.. some months we are in there more than that... this month is shaping up to be one of those. Let’s put it this way I can be walking in the door and they say HI! Mrs. Davis.. no need to sign in it is a $20 copay.  And to be clear, I am not a crazy person… Jackson’s first fever ever was when he was 10 months old he had strep.  Then we didn’t go except for his well baby appt.  When Joshua came along it was like hello Doctors can I please pay off your school loans for you?? Between the 2 of them in the last 2 years I have been through more breathing treatments, amoxicillian, chest x-rays, rash cream to fill a lifetime.  Joshua has had a upper GI, an Ultrasound, sever reflux as a baby, he now has Diabetes and a hernia that needs surgery. Jackson has had 2 cases of pneumonia, lots of wheezing, allergy testing (not allergic to anything supposedly) and a million fevers with no reason.  For 2 breastfed babies they sure do make you question how breast is the way to stay healthier.. (although we have not had ear problems)
Anyway last week we were in because Joshua had a bad rash all over his body... they asked me over and over again... does he have a fever... I said no... (he didn’t)... Fast forward 5 days and he has a fever... now I don’t know if it is because they like to see my face, he is less than 2 or because he has Diabetes but every time he is running a fever they want to see him ASAP.  Which is great I can always get in but really... it’s a fever.. with Jackson I will let it run for 24-48 hours before calling.. well of course I call today and say he has a fever 1st check is 103.4 with .7 Keytones do you want me to treat with meds and call you tomorrow... they say no, we need to see him.. okay great so off we go at 3:45 to the dr.  (mind you Jackson had a dentist appt at 12:30 -2:30ish so we are just getting in the door when I discover his fever.  Off we go... the nurse says... you came in for a fever when it was just the first time? I said yes I called they told me to come in.. of course the meds have kicked in and his fever is at 99.  the doc listens... she says... we need to do a CBC, and a breathing treatment... I think he may have pneumonia.  She sent us for a chest x-ray and we have a follow up in the am... we have started on amoxicillin.. fun stuff..
Just wondering do your kids get sick as much as mine??  Do your pcps freak out about the D monster and make you come in asap.  This time of course I am glad we did because it appears as though it will be something major but, do you know how many cbcs we have had done and they say oh looks like it just has to run its course… I mean really…


  1. Oh geez sorry for all the chaos ive been there! Oddly not with J but S my non d. Bad asthma allergies and pnuemonia once which caused a collapsed lung at age 2..after being sent home 2x!

    Anyhoo some kids are more sensitive i think. Js pcp worries when things are off too. They have to i guess.

  2. BLECH!

    I think we're through the season of constant sickies...but I know Tracy over at The Superhero and The Princess feels you pain. She's been through the ringer this season!!

    I'll pray for you both!

  3. Yep...what Wendy said.

    Joe rarely gets sick. Bridget does a little more often. And, I usually watch stuff a little longer than most. Probably b/c of my ICU days as a nurse.

    Sounds like you are doing everything you can to keep your boys healthy and safe Shannon...keep up the great work!

  4. That is a lot to handle. Colds and coughs are one thing, but pneumonia and nebulizer treatments are another. I do have friends whose kids seem to be sick with breathing issues a lot. We are more fortunate than that. I do like to take my son in right away if he has a fever, however, because I just don't want to run the risk of any bacterial infection going untreated. I hope everyone gets healthier soon and may you have a healthier 2010.

  5. Boo for sickness!! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!

    We kind of ebb and flow with illness. We went through a time where it seemed it was just being passed from 1 child to the next at our house but we have had a run of healthiness lately.

    Our PCP is cautious but not overly concerned. Honestly, I just don't call them that often. Emma, my non-d has been the sickie -- she tends to get strep often but we've had a run of good luck lately. Fingers and toes crossed that I didn't just jinx myself. :)

  6. I agree with Wendy - you and Tracy need to hook up and chat. =)

    Ours has been sort of ebb and flow lately, too... but I know I have been feeling like it seems that there is ALWAY someone sick with a cold / flu / allergies in our house.... if its not one of the kids then its my husband or me.

    I feel your frustration, though... and I would say that it DOES sound like your DR's office is a little over-reactionary having you come in at the fist sign of fever. Of course they may know something I dont... but it does seem odd to me.

    (((HUGS))) Mama! Hang in there! =)