Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas in July

Over the last year or so you have heard me mention my sister. She is an amazing supporter of us and our journey with Type 1.  What you may not know is she is married to an amazing man.  They live in New York State and he is a Peds resident.  He has just started his 3rd year.  He loves my boys 100% and is an amazing uncle for many reasons.  They love Uncle Rob and ask about him often. He is the kind of man you dream your baby sister will marry.  Well Uncle Rob has a special place for Joshua. You see last year when Joshua was dx, Rob picked endo as one of his rotations.  He also volunteered to go to Diabetes Camp!  He had a great experience and sent us lots of goodies last year!

goodies from camp 2010 Jackson loves his sleeping bag!! I was neglectful last year and forgot to post how awesome it was to get this box of goodies.  It didn't go unappreciated I was just so overwhelmed at the time with things on our plate. 

This year Rob volunteered to go back to camp as part of the med staff again. He said he told a lot of the staff about Joshua's story and they started donating things to him. He said one of the staff actually donated some things that she had gotten instead to Joshua.  I was so surprised when this box of goodies arrived. I cant tell you how much the supplies meant and how wonderful it was that so many people wanted to help Joshua out. 

PS Rob has the most amazing handwriting you will ever find!

last year we got a keytone meter. This year we got strips to go with it and 2 back up accuc chek avaias a free style lite to try.

Ive never had a sharps container... we use a wipes bottle :)

With Brian and Joshua both using the Accua Chek Avia we go through a TON of test strips!! In addition we also got 2 bags of Joshua's needles and a new lancing device to try. THANK YOU just doesn't seems large enough!

Rob, I don't think words will ever be able to describe how much it meant to me that you shared Joshua's story and that you connected with people who were so willing to give.  You are an amazing doctor who cares about your patients. I appreciate you always being a sounding board when I need to talk something through.  You are a wonderful person and I am proud that you are my sisters husband! 


  1. WoHOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROB!!! Shannon this is so wonderful. Your sis and bro-in-law sound like quite a pair.

  2. What a great guy. But I already knew that since I blog-stalk your sister!

  3. That's amazing!!! Sounds like an awesome guy!

  4. sounds like your sister lucked in on the husband department, and you are truly blessed with an amazing brother in law. are you using the freestyle lite? i love it. it used such a tiny blood sample, and is reliable, it NEVER errors on us.

  5. I LOVE you! (I wrote a long beautiful comment but then Blogger gave me an error- sigh) I am thankful that he met the right people, asked all the right questions, and was able to get some great supplies. :-) Loving, supporting, and finding a way to make each day a little better is what family is all about!