Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Okay so we just got back from the endos office to discuss the move and she wants to move us to a PUMP!!  My emotions are all over the place right now from scared and worried to excited and anxious. Brian has moved to Richmond already. We wont join him until our house is rented.  He will be coming home on the weekends.  Our Endo office normally has 1 class at the beginning of every month. Our awesome Doctor doesnt want to wait that long so she is arranging a class with our CDE so that we can get started soon!  (like Friday)  So as I was walking out of the office what did I do?? I called my BFF who is a scientist by birth and trade and she is figuring out some facts and option for me to help with the decision.  I have alot of research to do and a ton of reading to do. But Id love to hear your advice too. I know several of you have blogged about your research if you can share any of that Id appriciate it.  But I want to hear to would you make the same choices. Do you think you would have liked one pump more then other? What can I do to make the transition better for a 2 year old? If I have a tubbing pump how do you keep a 2 year active playing boy from pulling it out??

THANKS so much for your support already!!


  1. We've done our research and will probably be going with the Ping once we get organized enough. We've already done all the classes and heard what the reps had to say, and although we like the Omnipod, it is just way too big for Elise (and they still have no idea when the smaller one is coming - at least that's what we were told), and the basal amount the Omnipod gives is just way to big for Elise.

    The big selling point about the Ping for us is the remote.

    Just my two cents!

  2. How exciting!

    Pumping was a huge transition for us. We started with the accuchek pump which was not the best and finally switched to the Ping. Best thing ever. The freedom is amazing. We love the remote and J loves that he can swim with it!

    You never know how important that feature will be.

    Good luck!!

  3. I'm on the Omnipod, but obviously you'd have to figure out if its right for a small child. Though I've read many many blogs from people who have their very small children on it. But I absolutely love it. The pod itself is kinda big, but far more convenient than me having to find a place to carry the pump, which is the main reason I went with it. Good luck!

  4. You know that I will be there as much as I can baby. We will make the best decision for Joshua. I have said it before, but you are definitely the strongest Person I know. I love you so much and miss you guys. Just terrifies me too!

  5. You're going to do awesome!

    We love our Ping...and here's why --

    No matter what choice you make, it'll be the right one. YOU know your family, your child, and your situation best. YOU'LL BOTH (mom and dad) do AWESOME!

  6. We went with the OmniPod for Bean. Just made the most sense for us and it was a big 'selling' point that it was tubeless and she didn't have to have the control on her all the time.
    Yes, it's a scary and exciting thing, and it can seem overwhelming. Part of our decision making process was talking with our ANP about which one of the two our clinic offered would be the best fit for Bean...she chose the OmniPod, too, BTW.
    Just look at the pros and cons for your choices, pray about it, and then just go with it wholeheartedly!

  7. I have a whole tab linking up to Meri, Wendy, Laura, Tracy, and Hallie re: pumps and pumping insulin (oh and Donna)...I should update it soon seeing the change Hallie made recently.

    What I LOVE about pumping is the flexibility and the small increments of insulin that you can use. It is more work in some ways and less in other ways. I find from meal-to-meal and snack-to-snack the care is easier b/c the pump does the math based on your settings. However, I found the checking to be more (and more through the night) due to setting changes and the risk of DKA due to only rapid acting insulin being used.

    I would never go back to MDI. I hope Joe will see things the same way as I. I will, however, respect his decisions over the years as it is his body.

    Good luck with this very individual decision...btw...we are Ping users. I LOVE it b/c of the small basals (down to 0.025u/h). I LOVE it b/c it is waterproof. I LOVE it b/c of the remote. I LOVE it b/c it should be linked to Dexcom by the end of the year. I have been talking to Joe about switching it up if he would like...and trying the Pod. He has seemed somewhat interested in the "tubeless" system, but then quickly goes back to loving his Ping. Good luck.

  8. I love my Medtronic Revel, but I was/am also drawn to Animas Ping and think about switching every now and then. I was diagnosed at 21 and after researching, Medtronic seemed to be the best fit for me..and then I updated to their Revel once I got on a CGM. Good luck!

  9. Lots of good comments here already. We chose the Medtronic Revel for Ally as well. For us, it seemed to be the easiest to work (you know, in our 1 hour session of playing with the different pumps - so take that for what its worth) and it also is integrated with the CGM. Love love love that! The MM Revel now also can deliver the basals in the same smallest increments. Since this is all we have used, I don't have anything to compare it to. But if I could change one thing about Ally's pump it would be that it would have the remote feature.

    Whichever pump you choose, I hope you are as happy pumping as we are. And there are lots of Mamas out here to help you along the way once you've made your decision.

  10. I think everyone has said what I would have told you and I was going to link you up to Reyna's post because it links back to me, Meri, Hallie and all of the other gals she mentioned.

    It's a very personal decision and there really is no wrong pump. I think you will love whichever one you choose. The freedom is amazing!

    Nate started podding when he was 20-months old and we've never had an issue with the size of the pod. I think the smaller one will be great when it comes out but I'm not losing any sleep over it right now. I'm not saying the pod is right for you but I wouldn't worry about it being TOO big. You know where to find my pod pics and Nate's bum on my blog! :)

    Also, Jim was gone when Nate started pumping too. I did it all on my own and know you will do great. I'm here if you need me.
    You've got my cell --- use it, WOMAN!

  11. I would suggest having the reps come to your house... you are not obligated to sign up and it will give you a chance to play with them.

    Like others said... I don't think there is a bad pump. There are features with each that will make it better for YOU.

    Justin does not like to sit still so the remote was a selling point for me. To get a remote, my choice was between the Omni Pod and the Ping. I REALLY liked the tubeless part of the Omni Pod, but I was concerned about loosing the PDM with Justin taking it to and from school. OUR REP was not overly friendly or helpful which made a difference to me. I was a tad annoyed and SHE probably cost them the sale.

    In the end I went with the PING. The tube has not been an issue.

    I know its easier said than done, but don't be afraid of the pump. I was anti pump for a long time. NOW... you would have to kill me to take it away. It has added a lot of flexibility to our schedule.

    You have one awesome husband btw!

  12. All the really great advice has already been given, so I can't think of anything 'smarter' to say.

    We just went through the decision making process and are going with the Omnipod. We are doing a saline trial this week and I just put up a video of Ellie (9) changing the first pod . . . herself! Might be good to have a visual of each type of pump.

    So excited for you guys!!!!!

  13. Hope all goes well - very exciting! We started out on the pump when Luke was dx'ed at 14 months - went with Animus Ping, b/c it had the smallest increments at the time, and agree with everything said about the Ping. One additional plus to all the great advice - we love the pump, because it quickly (well, in a few hours) lets us put lower/higher basals into effect for colds, stomach bugs, etc. - harder to do with long-acting insulin in play. Suggestions for little ones - we keep the pump in an undershirt back pocket, away from his hands. He has pulled at the tubing just a couple times - and we did once have a nasty high from that, and set failures can be really, really frustrating. The Dex has been great at catching them, though (not to plug yet another piece of technology, but...!)!

  14. First---you're moving to Richmond! That's where I'm from and my parents are still there. We will totally have to meet up next summer.

    Next, I felt the same way about pumping.'ll figure it out. I started just looking at the features of the 3 main pumps and started ruling stuff out.

    Animas and Omnipod are waterproof, so I ruled out Medtronic. (Matthew's older and loves to swim)

    Then we did an animas trial and he HATED the got Omnipod.

    Just take it one step at a time...and pray. God will lead you in the right direction.

    Feel free to ask any questions....

    And Good luck with the move!!

  15. Hope you figured out your situation w/the pump. It i think is a great choice for you and him. I have 2 girls on them and wouldn't change a thing, the second one who was diagnosed 4/2010 at six months to the day of diagnosis was given the pump, she couldn't wait. she know's the differrence and it is sooo helpful, yes a learning curve but you will love it in the end, whichever one you go with. We are animas users and i loved them so much i stuck w/it for my second child. but they are all good, i think, it's preference